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How To Make Money By Using Assets You Don’t Even Own

“There are certain traits that nearly all successful entrepreneurs have in common. And I’m not referring to their motivation,creativity, attitudes, work ethic, focus, ability to delegate or their sheer determination. These are all important.”

I’m referring to the way entrepreneurs are able to see opportunities where no one else can.

Make Money Being Resourceful.

It doesn’t matter where they look, or what they see, or who might even own it, they are always looking for a way to make resources profitable for them.

Entrepreneurs are able to recognize an asset or resource that they can use to build their business, regardless that they might not actually OWN it, cannot buy or hire that asset or resource.

Look at it like this: They don’t pay attention to the “Keep off the grass” signs. Rather, they see the sign and the beautiful grass, and they think, “I could hold an art fair or outdoor workshops for executives, or turn it into green juice, Maybe I could hold concerts here or…”

They don’t accept being told what they can and cannot do, or what they do and do not have access to.

They make their own rules instead.

Richard Branson’s a great example…

He doesn’t own the media, but he knows how to command it. Neither does He follow the “rules” for how to interact with the media. He doesn’t shoot out a press release and hope some reporter will cover a story on his businesses.

He doesn’t need to. He has become a master at using the media to gain exposure for his companies.

Whether it involves ballooning into the stratosphere or sinking in boats, He uses humor and stunts like this to get free exposure and front page coverage for his brand. He is a master at doing this.

From Branson’s point of view, it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t own the media, because he’s able to recognize and utilize it as an asset anyway.

He’s even gatecrashed other companies’ press conferences to gain exposure for his own brand.

Again, that’s not following the rules – that’s making your OWN rules.

You can apply this same principal to your business as well, by trying to identify the assets all around you, regardless of who owns them.

Then figure out how you can put these assets to use in your own business.

let’s say you have a knack for writing sales copy but you don’t have a list.

So, you offer to write the sales copy for a marketer with a big, responsive list for his next campaign and in exchange he will promote your product to his list.

It’s not your list. You don’t even have a big name for yourself yet. But, this way, you can leverage your strengths to get exposure to another marketer thereby building a name for yourself and growing your list too.

True, you’ll still be paying commissions on your product, same as always. Plus, you’re writing sales copy for that person, too.

But when they make 300 sales at $47 apiece, or maybe sell 300 of your memberships at $20 a month, do you think it was worth it? You bet!

Maybe there’s a forum in your niche that you don’t particularly like. But your potential future customers are on that forum. Now, you don’t own the forum. But you most certainly can use the forum to find your customers, and also do it in such a way that allows you to come back time and again.

Or maybe you require a skilled outsourcer, but you haven’t any cash on hand to pay them. What you do have is great contacts, and so you can introduce this outsourcer to your contacts.

If you look at what you have and at what you need, you could figure out ways to get what you need using what you do have.

Do you have to be Richard Branson to achieve this? No! You just need to be willing to get creative and to take action to make it happen, whatever “it” might be.

Thanks for reading,

Karim Nathoo

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